Interior Architectural Facing Panels

Don’t let the Strata Panels on the exterior of your building get all the complements. The same natural stone panels can easily be used to enhance the interior of a building.

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Exterior Architectural Cladding

Bellcomb Strata Panels architectural lightweight stone cladding panel systems are the perfect choice to utilize natural stone in exterior applications.

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Elevator Interiors

Weight is at a premium in elevator cabs and Bellcomb’s Strata Panels provide a perfect solution while allowing the use of natural stone yielding superior performance with stunning elegance.

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Marine Applications

Weight and durability are great considerations in the design of marine vessels of all types but elegance is also a highly sought after feature.

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Motor Coaches, RVs and Busses

In transportation applications where weight is a critical element but the elegant finish of natural stone is desired, Bellcomb’s Strata Panels are the perfect solution.

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Lightweight Stone Panels from Bellcomb

Bellcomb’s Strata PanelsTM are lightweight natural stone panels produced by Bellcomb in its highly automated, state of the art, 125,000 square foot production facility located in Minneapolis, Minnesota.  Incredibly resource efficient and with almost unlimited choices of natural stone, these panels are 20% of the weight but stronger than dimensional stone.   
Utilized wherever the beauty of natural stone is desired, Strata PanelsTM can be found in many locations.  While the majority of these panels are used for exterior cladding of buildings, there are many other applications for Bellcomb’s lightweight stone panels.

Interior and exterior architectural applications include:

  • Interiors of buildings
  • Elevator cabs
  • Cruise ships
  • Yachts
  • Recreational Vehicles
  • Motor Homes
  • Trains
  • Aircraft  
Bellcomb, with over 25 years of experience in design and production of structural lightweight panels, is a market leader in the production of lightweight stone panels.  Its focus on panel systems brings you a product that is ready to install quickly and easily no matter where you are using it.  With its long history of making composite panels, Bellcomb understands consistency of manufacturing processes, superior bonding technologies and a high level of quality control are key elements required to provide client satisfaction.      

Whatever your desired use for a lightweight stone product is, one of our project specialist is ready to discuss your stone panel needs.

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